WL002124: Estate Planning for 2024 & Beyond (EPXX)

Estate planning continues to evolve, and staying informed about the latest trends and strategies is crucial for professionals in the field. This forward-looking course delves into the intricacies of estate planning, with a specific focus on the year 2024 and beyond. Participants will explore cutting-edge techniques, emerging legal considerations, and industry developments to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to create effective estate plans that withstand the test of time and safeguard their clients' legacies.

In partnership with MACPA, this program will be held outside of our learning platform. All Zoom links will be sent via the confirmation emails.

Event Level: Intermediate
Who Should Attend: CPAs, EAs, attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, and bankers
Required Knowledge: Basic knowledge of estate planning principles and practices.
Advanced Preparation: Basic knowledge of estate planning principles and practices.
Vendor: Werner-Rocca Seminars, Ltd.
Speaker: Werner, Arthur
Speaker: Rocca, Anthony

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to: * Analyze future trends and anticipate the impact on estate planning practices * Incorporate recent legislative changes into comprehensive estate plans * Apply advanced strategies for tax minimization and wealth preservation * Discuss complex family dynamics and changing societal norms within estate planning * Design customized estate plans that align with evolving client objectives and legal frameworks
Event Information
Date Presented:
July 11, 2024 8:30 AM Eastern
7 hours, 45 minutes
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Individual topic purchase: Selected
North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants
Taxes: 8.00