WCNPRW24: Professional Women's Conference (Virtual)
This conference presents a unique opportunity to connect with professional women while gaining valuable knowledge and enhancing your leadership skills. This conference features topics that will empower women by enhancing their professional development and providing an opportunity for networking and personal development.


Highlights: *Confidence *Personal Branding *Guardrails & Boundaries *Networking *Working Parents *Work Culture *Communication *Managing Hybrid Employees *Generationalism *Leadership
Who Should Attend:Professional women who are interested in enhancing their careers and personal and professional networks.
Event Level: Basic
Required Knowledge: None
Advanced Preperation: None
Field of Study: Various
CPE: 8.00

  • Participants will be able to identify new leadership skills to improve their professional careers, identify barriers to their professional growth, and build relationships with other professionals to expand and enhance their personal and professional networks.
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Start Time:
October 24, 2024 8:00 AM Eastern
7:00 AM Central, 6:00 AM Mountain, 5:00 AM Pacific
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8 hours, 45 minutes
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155 days, 6 hours
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Thursday October 24, 2024

#Resilience #Reframing #Restarting 
Be inspired to grow, improve, and press through where breakthrough is needed; as you enjoy the energy and fun created by Monica in this memorable keynote on this critical topic. 


 Let’s get back to the basics of making progress beyond set-backs and problems! We are only as resilient as our perspective of failures. The way we frame our past will determine how we paint our future. We must keep getting back up, keep showing up for ourselves and others! 


  * Problem: Problems are our greatest opportunities for progress. 
  * Pause: Pausing to calm our breathe, so we can listen to understand core issues   is crucial to progress. 
  * Perspective: Setting our sights on what matters most is the start of meaningful and lasting progress. 
  * Plan: Thoughtfully planning protects us from mindless racing and wasted efforts.                                      
   * Practice: If we want to make progress, improvements must be systemized into a practice. 
  * Persistence: This is the place in the process of progress where most people quit, but decidedly resilient ones persist. Progress: The point when a plan or project is realized!

Resistance trains our strength; see struggles for what they are (strength training) and resilience will dramatically improve. Persistence leads to growth; every step of the process IS progress. Determine your next right step, and take it. Progress is on the other side of your Restart! Determine where you need to begin again.


Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.50

Speaker Information
Monica Sheri Scott  [ view bio ]

The financial world can be a complex maze, especially for women facing unique and often overlooked challenges. This session is more than just a discussion; it's an empowering journey tailored to the distinct needs of women in wealth building and preservation. Engage in a deep dive into effective strategies, innovative solutions, and transformative insights for both your fiscal growth and personal well-being.


Field of Study: Finance
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Paula McMillan  [ view bio ]

How do you get your name out there and attract your dream clients and opportunities? How do you stand out in a sea of sameness? Do you need a personal brand?


In this fun and interactive session, learn how to start becoming known in your niche for the thing that the people you were meant to serve will become obsessed with YOU over.


* Know what a brand is and why you absolutely need a personal one
* The secret to getting known in your space no matter how crowded it feels
* The ONE thing that can keep you from growing your personal brand
* The 3 things you can do this week to build your personal brand


Field of Study: Communications and Marketing
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Nikki Bradley  [ view bio ]

In this session, Susie Silver from The Diversity Movement, will lead you through a live and interactive learning experience focused on impactful and productive conversations.


Topics include:

• Variety in workplace communication

• The difference between calling in and calling out

• How to move through resistance and fear

• How to impactfully apologize when a misstep is committed

• And more!

Participants will leave with actionable tips that can be applied in the workplace immediately.


Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.30

Speaker Information
Susie Silver, CDE (She/Her)  [ view bio ]

Participants will embark on their journey to cultivate confidence in technology and harness its power to excel in their personal and professional lives. Unlocking Her Tech Brilliance is designed to simplify the process of embracing technology by breaking it down into manageable steps and providing quick wins along the way. By adopting a growth mindset and setting short-term goals, participants will acquire the skills they need to succeed in the long run. Within the session we will discuss four essential buckets of knowledge to explore: Digital, Programming, Infrastructure, and Data. Through understanding each of the buckets, participants will be empowered to find their own brilliance that can take their career to the next step and be ready to inspire the next generation of women.


Field of Study: Information Technology
CPE: 1.30

Speaker Information
Sharon Jones  [ view bio ]

You have always been a high achiever. But lately, you have been prioritizing everyone and everything else, with no time left to pursue your own big life goals! So, how DO you reclaim your time and clearly define your future?


In our time together, we will explore the first two pillars in Kari’s 8 pillar process for Big Growth, which is all about creating a great plan!  We will explore strategies and tools that can help you plan out your future and start taking action to live out your dreams.



• How to define your future and figure out what your big goals are

• Tactical tips to map out your big goals so they don’t feel scary

• How to find the time and create momentum towards your dreams!


Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.30

Speaker Information
Kari Saylor  [ view bio ]

Coming Soon!


Field of Study: Communications and Marketing
CPE: 1.30

Speaker Information
Amy Horner  [ view bio ]
Jess Lawrence
Sabrina Parris  [ view bio ]
Lola Turner
Terrell Turner

Coming Soon!


Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
CPE: 1.30

Speaker Information
Sara Stroup  [ view bio ]

Coming Soon!


Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.30

Speaker Information
Jina Etienne  [ view bio ]

Coming Soon!


Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.50

Speaker Information
Nicole Case  [ view bio ]
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WCNPRW24: Professional Women's Conference (Virtual)
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