WCNTAX23: NC State & Local Tax Conference (Virtual)
To best serve clients in the state of North Carolina requires staying ahead of the dynamic and changing environment of tax reform. This conference covers the most critical topics in North Carolina state and local taxation, as well as updated information on new tax laws.
*PTE Update & Review *State Tax Audit Issues *NC Sales Tax  Review *NC Corporate Tax *NC Individual Income Tax *Payroll Tax *NC State Tax Update 
Who Should Attend: CPAs and other accounting and finance professionals who practice in tax and want to enhance their skills and knowledge. 
Event Level: Update
Required Knowledge: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Field of Study: Taxes
CPE: 8.00
  • Participants will be able to discuss important topics related to North Carolina state and local taxation, including updated information on new tax laws and tax law changes
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Date Presented:
December 06, 2023 8:00 AM Eastern
9 hours
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Wednesday December 6, 2023

This session will discuss the ever evolving nexus environment.  
Topics will include:
  *   Economic nexus
  *   Physical nexus
  *   Remote workers and nexus
  *   Gross receipts tax nexus

Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.5

Speaker Information
Jack Schmoll   [ view bio ]

This session will provide an overview of North Carolina’s SALT Workaround, including:

o Making the Taxed Pass-Through Entity (PTE) election.

o Calculating the Taxed PTE income tax.

o Making Taxed PTE tax payments.

o The impact of the Taxed PTE election on PTE owners’ NC individual income tax returns.

Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.5

Speaker Information
William Young   [ view bio ]

Coming Soon!


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.2


Speaker Information
Matt Gentile  [ view bio ]

Session outline and objectives: 

1. Multistate taxation and withholding compliance  

   a. Employer responsibilities and considerations

   b. Remote/hybrid work implications and scenarios 

   c. Compliance risks

2. NC payroll tax audits  

   a. Unemployment insurance audits

   b. Withholding tax audits / general audit readiness 

3. 2023 year-end considerations 

   a. State trends and developments

   b. Federal trends / year-end reporting considerations

4. Questions/Discussion


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.2


Speaker Information
Kelsey Dickerson  [ view bio ]

This session will include discussion of the following topics, among others:
Repair, maintenance, and installation
  -  RMI and construction
  -  RMI and property management
Service contracts
Bundled transactions


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.00


Speaker Information
Jack Schmoll   [ view bio ]

This session will take a compare and contrast point of view on tax policies with some of our neighboring states. With so many of our clients living and working remotely, we’ll spotlight SC,VA, GA and TN on a few key issues that you may find interesting.


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.00


Speaker Information
Kathleen Holston   [ view bio ]

Join us for a discussion of some of the general issues related to tax reporting and filing of North Carolina corporate income and franchise tax returns.
Additional topics to include: 
* Apportionment issues
* Federal non conformity issues and developments


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.00

Speaker Information
Jeana Parker  [ view bio ]

This interactive session is designed to enhance the knowledge base of individuals with an abandoned and unclaimed property background and provide a primer for the practitioner that is new to the area.


Some of the topics discussed will include:

• Abandoned and Unclaimed Property 101

• Annual Compliance Requirements

• Audit Defense Strategies

• Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

• Hot Topics


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.00


Speaker Information
Robert Joseph  [ view bio ]

In addition to PTE, there are some interesting topics for filing Individual returns. We've invited another member of DOR to join us and consider what a practitioner should know regarding some of the following: 
* Differences between Federal and NC 
* How to allocate income for dual residents or non-residents
* How to determine residency when spouses (household) claim separate state domain
* Increased athletes and entertainers in NC - what to consider?


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.00


Speaker Information
Donna Powell  [ view bio ]

This session will provide agents and employers a preview of North Carolina’s new unemployment insurance tax administration system, called NCSUITS. This new system launched on Nov. 13th. The North Carolina State Unemployment Insurance Tax System, or NCSUITS, is the new, user-friendly, modernized system that will make it easier for our nearly 300,000 employers to add, edit, pay, and file unemployment taxes. NCSUITS is designed to streamline processes, enhance filing experiences, and provide timely, efficient service.


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.00

During this panel discussion, Kathleen Holston will guide conversation on various audit topics to collect insights from the perspective of the practitioner and the DOR.


Session topics to include: 

• How to prepare for an audit

• How to escalate issues

• How to control timing


Field of Study: Tax
CPE: 1.00


Speaker Information
Kathleen Holston   [ view bio ]
Michael Wenig  [ view bio ]
Alan Woodard  [ view bio ]
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