WCNPRW23: Professional Women's Conference (Virtual)

This conference presents a unique opportunity to connect with professional women while gaining valuable knowledge and enhancing your leadership skills. This conference features topics that will empower women by enhancing their professional development and providing an opportunity for networking and personal development.


Highlights: *Confidence *Personal Branding *Guardrails & Boundaries *Networking *Working Parents *Work Culture *Communication *Managing Hybrid Employees *Generationalism *Leadership
Who Should Attend: Professional women who are interested in enhancing their careers and personal and professional networks.
Event Level: Basic
Required Knowledge: None
Advanced Preperation: None
Field of Study: Various
CPE: 8.00



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  • Participants will be able to identify new leadership skills to improve their professional careers, identify barriers to their professional growth, and build relationships with other professionals to expand and enhance their personal and professional networks.
Event Information
Date Presented:
November 02, 2023 8:00 AM Eastern
8 hours, 45 minutes
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Thursday November 2, 2023

Today’s world moves quickly. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant pressure to keep up, or unsure of how to take the risks you need to move forward. You wonder how others do it, why they seem self-assured, secure enough to share their ideas, ask for what they want, and pave their own path. How did they develop their deep sense of inner knowing what it takes to always come out on top.

That inner knowledge is confidence! And the good news is confidence is a skill that can be learned. More importantly it is one that needs to be consistently developed. When you have that level of belief in yourself, you can step boldly into any challenge, find your voice in every conversation, and always own your seat at the table. You can trust that your skills, your abilities will move forward so your control change rather than allowing change to control you.
Whether you see yourself as confident, or you feel you have some progress to make in that area of your life, The Confidence Plan takes you on the journey to heightened self-confidence. Through innovative research, tools, techniques and powerful stories The Confidence Plan helps you understand the impact confidence can have on your life, your career, those you care about, and the growth of your organization. It’s that powerful!


Join Business Growth Strategist and Award-Winning Author, Meridith Elliott Powell in this high powered keynote where she reveals the research, the stories and most importantly the methodology.


Key Take Aways
* Sharp Fundamentals – the basics you need to develop, build and strengthen your belief in yourself and develop inner confidence. Learn why confidence matters, and the vigorous impact it can have on personal and organizational results.
* Powerful Mindset Shift – embrace that confidence is a choice, and a skill that can be learned. You are in control of how much you have, and how deep and strong your confidence is.
* PROVEN Methodology – the well-researched strategy, step-by-step approach to building and mastering confidence.
* Gain The Secrets – to setting boundaries, investing in yourself and creating realistic goals.
* Your personal plan of action for stepping out boldly, finding your voice and owning your seat at"

Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.50

Speaker Information
Meredith Elliott Powell  [ view bio ]

Pulled away by your phone?
Thinking of your inbox during dinner?
Feeling behind, even though you worked a full day?


Ring, ping, buzz, knock! Distractions are everywhere, demanding your attention. How do you keep them at bay, keep up at work, and still have time for what matters to you? The secret isn't retreating to a cave but enacting the right tech guardrails and habits to help you be more present and gain the concentration you need.  


Ditch the distractions and find your focus!


Learn how to:
* Increase willpower and decrease digital distractions 
* Reduce communication overload and avoid costly mistakes by setting tech guardrails 
* Recharge your batteries by creating low-sensory and screen-free times"

Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Marcey Rader  [ view bio ]

When you think of networking, what comes to mind? Maybe a sparsely attended cocktail hour in a cavernous hotel ballroom, full of new faces and illegible nametags? Or, perhaps you envision a round of golf or drinks that feels ... tedious? Worse, you might think of cringe-y LinkedIn messages that are so misaligned with your experience and interests, you avoid the platform altogether. If any of this sounds familiar, attend this session!

We'll explore:

• smart, proven techniques to maximize your networking efforts while preserving your energy & authenticity

• expert language you can use in networking conversations that will boost your confidence - and your results

• everyday opportunities to practice your skills while broadening your network


Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Anne Shoemaker  [ view bio ]

Have you ever left a good job or company because your leader’s personality felt intolerable? Over 2 out of 5 people will experience this problem at some point in their career, and this trend is predicted to worsen. In a hyper-partisan world where technology and media feed our biases to the extreme, it’s tempting to believe “I am okay” and other people are the problem. You may be right, but chances are, your reaction to them will be equally troubling - at least for you on the inside.


But what if there was something that could change everything? What are we missing in the discourse of great leadership? Experts have called it “the blind spot of our time.” We take it for granted when it’s present, only noticing its absence when it’s too late. A focus on performance slips away into insidious corporate politics. The bottom line? Divided teams don’t win.


There is a simple solution, and you can do something about it every day if you have the tools and language to become a force for good in a world hungry for healing.


This session offers takeaways you can put to use today:

The hidden source of all conflict and how to process it quickly.

Four clues that your culture may be over-tilting to toxic.

A science-based framework you can use to course correct.

A common language that will stop ego-drama in it’s tracks.


Creating a culture where top talent loves to work is easy when you understand the evidence. Crack the code for psychological safety and a growth mindset where everyone around you will thrive with generativity.


Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Pam Boney  [ view bio ]

"I know what I want - I just don't know how to say it."

"What if they say (fill in the blank) - how do I respond?"

"I know I'm qualified/deserving, but I'm not sure how to say it without bragging/sounding desperate."

Do you ever stop short of advocating for yourself or your team because you're concerned about how someone might respond? You are confident in your position and have a great case, but when it comes time to communicate, the words just don't come out right?

In this session, we will:

- Explore trusted communication methods you can use today to unlock the answers you are seeking

- Examine specific language that uncovers a positive response, time & time again

- Develop strategies to overcome common beliefs that prevent us from articulating our needs.

Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Anne Shoemaker  [ view bio ]

How would you answer these questions: 

• What was the worst business advice you were given and how did you learn from it? 

• Was your career path a ladder or the jungle gym? 


In this session, Melisa Galasso, CPA, author, and business owner, will facilitate a round of questions with leaders in the field of finance and accounting. Our experts will share their career strategy and the professional support they received in their career journey. You will leave with advice and tools that helped them achieve their goals. 


Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.50

Speaker Information
Melisa Galasso  [ view bio ]
Kelly Mann  [ view bio ]
Carla McCall  [ view bio ]
Jessica McClain  [ view bio ]

This session is about specific actions that help us win as working parents. Part of winning the game will be learning new plays—if we keep doing what we’ve always done nothing will change. Some of these plays you could run today, while others may be saved for later. No matter the age of your dependents, you can feel like you are winning at work as a working parent.

All the best sports teams make adjustments throughout the game in order to win
We’ll open our playbook and share specific plays that real working parents use to win at work
We'll tackle the new normal of work from home
The session also provides a space for group-based learning/sharing
After completing this course, you will be able to: 
Confidently articulate your “why” for work
Identify the areas where you need to run a different play
Apply at least one idea for “winning” to your daily or weekly routine


Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Kassi Rushing  [ view bio ]

Are you struggling to navigate the hybrid work environment? In today’s world, hybrid work is becoming increasingly more common. Hybrid work is a combination of remote and in-person work, and it can be a great way to increase productivity and collaboration. However, it can also be challenging to manage or work in a hybrid environment due to a lack of connection or focus.

We’ll discuss how to not only survive, but thrive as a manager or employee in a hybrid work environment. This session is designed to help you walk away with an actionable plan that you can begin using to implement a new hybrid work plan in your office or improve your current plan to maximize effectiveness.

In this session, you’ll:

• Review the benefits and challenges of hybrid work and how to navigate them within your team

• Learn key skills needed to thrive in hybrid work environments

• Create your own hybrid work success plan to share with your team or to help drive your career forward

• Learn the 3C’s of successful hybrid work performance

Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Nicole Andrews  [ view bio ]

Join one of the NCACPA's own 2023 Top Women in Accounting recipient through an empowering reflective exercise supporting the key objectives of the day's conference.

*  Building relationships and a developing a network of meaningful connections
*  Tips for identifying a mentor and the rewards of being a sponsor or mentor 
*  Setting goals for the pillars of our personal health and wellness, career growth and the profession


This session provides a playbook for creating better work/life balance while navigating our individual goals.

Field of Study: Personal Development
CPE: 1.20

Speaker Information
Amy Horner  [ view bio ]
Individual topic purchase: Selected
North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants
Various: 8.00