WR038023: Embracing Diversity in the Workplace
Attendees will learn the advantages to establishing a desirable, success-oriented, diverse environment in their workplace. Participants will explore the tools necessary to promote diversity and will discover communication techniques needed to make diversity a permanent part of a prosperous and thriving corporate environment.

Event Level: Basic
Required Knowledge: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Who Should Attend: Anyone committed to using diversity to insure organizational excellence
Vendor: Dr. Holly Speaks
Speaker: Holly Sullenger

  • * The benefits of establishing diversity in the workplace * The challenges associated with establishing diversity in the workplace * Ideas for effectively creating a diverse work environment * Methods of communication that encourage a healthy diverse environment * The importance of organizational roles when establishing diversity * Steps that preserve a continued environment of diversity
Event Information
Date Presented:
September 20, 2023 9:00 AM Eastern
55 minutes
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Workplace Diversity: A Recipe for Success
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North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants
Personal Development: 1.00